Atención Atención and Sr. Sapo now on Netflix

It will be the first program produced in Puerto Rico that is transmitted through the video system.

Atención Atención children’s program will be the first produced in Puerto Rico that will air on Netflix digital platform from November 13, announced today the video service on its website. Netflix says, Atención Atención offers in their first season “a mix of colorful stories, comedy and music that help the development of preschool children to keep them entertained and busy.”

Atención Atención has become the main grouping of children’s music in Puerto Rico, where they visited over a thousand public schools in the Caribbean island. The group started in 2010 to produce their own TV shows, which this year celebrates its fourth season and airs on Univision. The Puerto Rican project has already had 26 nominations and won eight Emmy awards for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, as well as being nominated for a Latin Grammy award for Best Music Album for Children. Last May, the group reached a milestone in the musical history of Puerto Rico to bring their songs to the staff of the Symphony Orchestra of the Caribbean island through three performances. The group has released several albums, including “Atención Atención … este juego va a empezar” (2001), and later “Atención Atención … llega la navidad” (2004), launches with the band has sold more than 50,000 copies. As part of its growth and expansion in the market, the group has published several of his successful concerts and special DVD, “Atención Atención … Live” (2006), “Atención Atención … El Especial” (2008), “Atención Atención … El especial 2 “and” Atención Atención… de viaje con el Sr. Sapo y Vera “(2010). Audiences were introduced through these DVDs to the main characters “Sr. Sapo” “Johnny, ellLagartijo” and “Tito, el angelito”.