The “Atención AtenciónApp” Sweepstakes (hereinafter the “Sweepstakes”) will begin on January 13, 2022 at 12:00 AM. (AST) and ends on February 9, 2022 at 11:59 PM. This Period will be known hereinafter as the “Sweepstakes Period”. Each entry must be received during the hours established for the Sweepstakes Period. Sponsor reserves the right to extend or shorten the contest, in its sole discretion.

These Official Sweepstakes Rules are available here: link. In the event of any conflict between the content of the Official Rules and the content of advertising or promotional material for the Sweepstakes, the Official Rules will control. By entering the sweepstakes all entrants agree to be bound by the Official Rules.

Atención Atención, Inc., with offices located at Edificio Plaza, 152 Calle Rafael Cordero, Apt 202, San Juan, PR 00901,, telephone: [787-632-1063] (hereinafter, "Promoter", “Administrator” or “Atención Atención”, indistinctly).

Any person, who is twenty-one (21) years of age or older at the time of participation, as described in these Rules, will be eligible to participate. Individuals included in any of the following categories will not be eligible to enter or win a prize:
a. Individuals who do not meet the requirements described herein or who cannot demonstrate their compliance.
b. Employees of Atención Atención, Inc., of the prize providers of this Sweepstakes and/or of their respective advertising, public relations and/or promotional agencies and their respective agents, who are in any way involved in the development, production, implementation and/or supervision of any stage of this Sweepstakes.
c. Persons who are part of the immediate family of those previously excepted in subsection (b) of this section (that is, the spouse, parents, siblings, children and spouses of each of these) or individuals who live in the same house with any of the persons above excepted in subsection (b), even if he or she is not a relative.
Podrán participar las personas de cualquier jurisdicción, no obstante, los premios para participantes ganadores fuera del área geográfica de Puerto Rico podrán variar y todos los participantes estarán sujeto a todas las leyes y reglamentos, locales y federales aplicables en la jurisdicción de Puerto Rico.
All participants must have downloaded the Atención Atención application and have an active Facebook and/or Instagram account during the Draw Period, and the winner selection and notification processes, as well as during the prize claim process, in the case to be a winner. The Atención Atención application and the Facebook and Instagram pages are free. In addition, you must have internet to participate and to access the online event.
Free entry for people who do not have Internet access- You can obtain a valid numbered entry at the offices of Atención Atención, Inc. located at Edificio ILA Avenida Kennedy suite 908 San Juan, PR 00918 on Monday and Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Under this mode there will be a maximum of fifty (50) valid numbered entries available for the entire Sweepstakes period. Valid numbered entries will be available while they last. One (1) valid numbered entry will be granted per person or family on the days and times indicated above. Atención Atención, Inc. reserves the right to verify the authenticity of the participation and certify that all the terms of these rules are complied with.


Any individual eligible to participate must enter the Atención Atención application, take a photo with the photo frame functionality, enter the Atención Atención page on Instagram ( or Facebook ( during the Sweepstakes Period and upload your photo taken with the photo frame functionality with the hashtags defined in the Atención Atención posts on Instagram and Facebook and tagging Atención Atención in the photo. Once this process is completed, one (1) Participation will have been submitted.

Conditions and Limitations of Participation:
The Entry must also meet the following criteria to be eligible:
(1) Only one (1) Entry per person per week throughout the Sweepstakes Period; (2) Entries may not contain obscene, profane, abusive, defamatory, vulgar, double-meaning, sexual material or language and/or contain references to sex, firearms, use of drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, encourage violence , harassment or "bullying" or discrimination based on race, sex, color, origin or nationality, and/or contain any material not suitable for publication or that threatens the brand or image of the Promoter, a determination that the Promoter reserves in its exclusive discretion; (3) By submitting an Entry to the Sweepstakes, entrant expressly represents that his/her Entry does not violate the rights of any third party.

Non-Eligible Participations: Participations that are incomplete, incorrect, that violate or may violate the rights of third parties, that do not adhere to the instructions prescribed in these Rules, will be ineligible. Participation by the same individual using different names, and / or Instagram accounts, whose attempt is considered fraudulent participation is also not eligible. The Promoter is not responsible for accounts of the application, Facebook and/or Instagram that are deactivated during the Draw Period or during the winner selection and notification processes, as well as during the prize claim period, in accordance with the information contained in these Rules. Entries that violate the rights of third parties or that attempt in any way to violate the entry instructions or undermine the integrity or legitimate operation of this Sweepstakes or any of its elements will be considered fraudulent; The Promoter reserving itself, and/or its designated agents, the right to prosecute the participant before the relevant government authorities for the corresponding civil and/or criminal proceedings with the greatest rigor permitted by law. All entries must contain all required information to be valid and become the property of Atención Atención, Inc., and will not be returned.

One (1) winner (“Winners”) will be selected at random per week of Sweepstakes duration. In total there are 6 winners. In addition, 2 alternate winners (“Alternate Winners”) will be selected per week. Both the Winners (subject to verification) and the Alternate Winners will be selected electronically and randomly through a drawing to be held at the end of each week during the Sweepstakes period “Contest Period” at the offices of the Promoter. Any decision of the Sweepstakes Promoter shall be final and binding in all respects. The draw dates are as follows:
• January 19 and 26
• February 2 and 9
• Draw on Wednesdays

Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received.

Potential Winners will be notified via direct message via their Facebook or Instagram account, which will specifically state the following: “Greetings. We would appreciate it if you contact us via private message (“Direct Message”) regarding your participation in this Sweepstakes” (hereinafter “Message”). IMPORTANT: Receiving a Message like the one described above does not necessarily mean that the Participant is being notified as a Winner. The Promoter may send this type of Message for any communication that must be made to the Participant in relation to their participation in this Sweepstakes. Upon receiving the Message, the individual must communicate with the Promoter through a private message (“Direct Message”) to the Instagram page ( or Facebook at or within twenty-four (24) hours after being contacted. At that time, the Promoter will tell you the reason for your communication. If you have been selected as a Sweepstakes Winner, the Promoter will notify you that you have been selected as a potential Sweepstakes Winner (“Official Notification”). In addition, it will indicate the details of the prize claim, as provided in these Rules. In the event that the Promoter does not receive any response from the Winner, the Administrator will try to communicate with the corresponding alternate with the same process (“Reply” to the comment submitted to participate). The winner/alternate winner (subject to verification) must contact the Promoter via private message (“Direct Message”) within twenty-four (24) hours, in order to be Officially Notified and receive claim details. of the prize and the unique code to be delivered at the time of claiming your prize, as previously described in this section. If no response to the Message is received from the Alternate Winner within twenty-four (24) hours, the Alternate Winner will be disqualified and the Promoter may dispose of the prize at its sole discretion.

If you do not claim your prize on the date and time indicated above or if you do not comply with the terms and conditions established in these Rules, the Prize will be understood as completely waived and the Promoter may dispose of the Prize at its sole discretion.

Once the "Official Notification" has been made, the Promoter and Administrator will have the right to (but not the obligation to) publish the names, address (town, country), photo and prize category of the winner (subject to verification) in any means of communication, including the Internet. To claim the Prize, the notified winner must - within a period of seventy-two (72) hours from the Official Notification - send an email to [email protected] with the reliable evidence requested by the Administrator to verify their identity , residence and age as eligibility conditions, including without limitation, a valid and current identification with your photo and signature, issued by a government authority. As a condition to the delivery of the prize, the winner will be obliged to sign a Declaration on Eligibility, Acceptance of the Prize, Waiver of Liability for advertising uses on their behalf, that of their heirs and successors and taking responsibility for their Companion (when applicable) as a condition to be able to enjoy the Prize together with the Winner. The companion must be 21 years of age or older to enjoy the Prize together with the Winner. The Winner and the Companion accept that the Promoter may require the documentation and evidence that, in its sole discretion, is satisfactory, to establish the identity, age, legal residence, prior to the delivery of any prize, including identification with photo and signature, in force and issued by the State of your residence. Once the term to claim the Prize has elapsed, without the winner having completed the documentation indicated above, the Prize will be deemed completely waived. Representatives are not allowed to claim/enjoy the prize on behalf of the Winner.

10. PRIZE:
One (1) different prize will be drawn in each weekly drawing.

• January 19, 2022: 1 Character Show (30 minutes)
• January 26, 2022: Virtual meeting with Victor and Sr. Sapo
• February 2, 2022: Personalized greeting from Victor (pre-recorded)
• February 9, 2022: AA Goods Basket

Value of the Prizes:

• 1 Character Show (30 minutes): $495
• Virtual meeting with Victor and Sr Sapo: $995
• Victor's personalized greeting (pre-recorded): $175
• AA Product Basket: $50

Conditions and Restrictions of the Prizes:

The participant understands and accepts that in addition to the conditions described in these Rules, the prizes are subject to all those restrictions imposed by the suppliers of the prizes. It will be the responsibility of the participants to ensure that they know all the terms and conditions applicable to the prizes and taxes by the suppliers. The winner expressly and voluntarily relieves the Promoter, parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, agencies, or any other entity directly related to its operation, from said obligation, as well as from any claim regarding the restrictions imposed by the suppliers.

The payment of any excise tax or contribution imposed by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or the Federal Government of the United States of America applicable to the prizes awarded in the draw, will be the sole responsibility of the winner and the winner expressly and voluntarily relieves said obligation to the Promoters, parent companies, affiliates, agencies, or any other entity directly related to its operation. The Promoter will issue all necessary tax documentation. It will be the responsibility of the participants to ensure that they know all the terms and conditions applicable at the time of receiving the prizes.

The Prize is not transferable or substitutable for cash or other prize, except at the sole discretion of the Promoter. Prize cannot be replaced once awarded, if lost, misplaced or stolen. The Prize may not be sold, assigned, bartered or transferred by the winner/companion to a third party. The prize includes only what is stated in the description of the Prize in these Official Rules. All prize specifications not expressly stated are at the sole discretion of the Promoter and are subject to availability. By accepting the Prize, it is accepted with all its restrictions.

The date and place of the Event may vary for reasons beyond the control of the Promoter, due to force majeure, and/or reasons attributable to third parties, such as the Promoter of the Event. If this eventuality occurs, the Prize Winner must accept a change in date and/or location, which will be timely notified to the Winner. In the event that the event is canceled or postponed, the Promoter will notify the Winner of the new date on which the event will take place, subject to availability and the terms and conditions established by the promoter of the Event. If a new date is not specified, the Promoter will not have any responsibility towards the Winner/Companion with respect to the delivery of the Event prize.

The Sweepstakes is subject to all applicable laws and regulations in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, as well as the federal ones. By participating in this Sweepstakes, the Participants acknowledge and accept all the terms and conditions of these Rules and also acknowledge and agree to be subject solely and exclusively to the applicable laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and any federal law and regulation of the United States of America applicable.

Any question or question arising as to the construction, validity, interpretation, and enforceability of these Rules, or the rights and obligations of Entrants and Promoter in connection with this Sweepstakes, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. If any provision of these Rules or the application of any provision to any person or circumstance is held to be invalid, unenforceable or void, such decision shall not have the effect of invalidating or nullifying the remainder of these Rules.

Every participant, as well as the Winner, grants the Promoter, the Administrator, their affiliates, their advertising, public relations and promotions agencies, the right to publish and announce their name, person, voice and image, in any medium, worldwide and without time limitation, including the Internet and any social media, without further notice, compensation or right of review. By accepting a Prize, each Winner agrees to be interviewed, photographed and videotaped during the award ceremony and in connection with the Prize and agrees to provide full cooperation in connection with any reasonable publicity and promotional activities arising out of such prize. All resulting material, including the Winner's name, images and comments, photos and videos/audiovisuals of such entries may be used by Promoter for promotional, marketing and commercial purposes in its sole discretion, including print, broadcast and Internet, without additional compensation, worldwide and without restrictions of time or space.

13. RELEASE OF LIABILITY: By entering this Sweepstakes, entrants agree to be bound by these Rules in their entirety and agree that all decisions made by the Promoter and its agents are final and binding. By entering this Sweepstakes, Entrant voluntarily assumes all responsibility and risk for their participation and by participating agrees to: defend, release, indemnify and hold harmless the Promoter (collectively "Release"), the Application Administrator, Atención Atención , Inc., Facebook, Instagram, and their respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, affiliates, agents, advertising and promotional agencies and their respective officers, directors, shareholders, employees, representatives, agents and any other entity directly related to the development, implementation and/or conduct of this Sweepstakes (hereinafter, collectively the "Released Entities") from any and all liability, lawsuit, action, claim, complaint, accidents, losses, damages, including without limitation for personal injury (including disability, loss of earnings, and death) and property damage, cost and expenses (including attorney's fees) that arising out of or in connection with your participation in this Sweepstakes and/or the stages of claim, redemption verification, delivery, possession and use/or use of a Prize, use of your computer/equipment to participate or while participating in any activity related to the Sweepstakes or the Prize; (ii) Exempts the Released Entities for any typographical, technical or human error, including but not limited to errors in advertising, printing, errors in these Rules, in the Sweepstakes materials or due to inaccurate, incomplete, illegible or incorrect information in the participation that results in problems, errors or delays in the notification, verification, publication of the Winner/Prize or delivery of the Prize; (iii) Exonerates the Released Entities for any unintentional error, whether human or technical, in the implementation of the Draw; (iv) Exonerates the Released Entities for any human or technical error, damage, delays, failures, congestion, fraud, unauthorized intervention (including "hacking") or other failures in network connections, lines, servers, lines , on the Internet, antennas, satellites, telephones, on computer(s), on fixed and wireless equipment, hardware, software, programming errors, computer bugs and virus problems, or other defects or technical failures that result in late, delayed, incomplete, destroyed, omitted transmissions/entries/communications/notifications/voting/Prize delivery, indecipherable, multiplied, or that in any other way limits the user's ability to access the Sweepstakes, the website, to participate in the registration process, vote or within the prescribed dates/times; or the timely delivery of a Prize or portion thereof, or that prevent or impair the ability to operate all or any portion of this Sweepstakes, including the proper operation of its Website, as planned; (v) Exempts the Released Entities for any cause directly or indirectly attributable to the participant(s), the Winner, or cause of force majeure or fortuitous, including without limitation, any action, regulation, order or request by any governmental or quasi-governmental entity (regardless of whether the action, regulation, order or request is later found to be invalid), technical equipment failure, acts of terrorism, earthquakes, war, fires, floods, explosions, severe weather conditions, hurricanes, embargoes, labor disputes or strikes (whether legal or illegal), unexpected lack of personnel or materials, interruption of transportation of any kind, interruption of electrical energy, intentional termination of work, civil disturbances, insurrection, riot, or any other cause more beyond the reasonable control of the Relevant Entities; (v) Exempts the Relevant Entities for any reasonable delay in the delivery of a Prize, subject to the applicable DACO regulations; (iv) You agree that The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any entrant who fails to comply with these Rules; (v) You agree that if for any reason any element of the Sweepstakes is not working as planned, due to technical failures or any other reason beyond the control of the Promoter, which may affect the security, administration or integrity of the Sweepstakes, the Promoter reserves the right to modify and/or terminate it and to award any vacant prize among the entries received up to that time.

Trust is a pillar of the corporate mission of Atención Atención, Inc., and the success of our business depends on it. Atención Atención, Inc. is committed to maintaining your trust by protecting the personal information we collect about you, our consumers.

This Sweepstakes is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by,, nor are these companies associated with the Sweepstakes in any way. All questions, comments, or complaints about the Sweepstakes should be directed to Sponsor or Administrator, and not to Instagram or Facebook.

16. Titles, headings, names and pronouns:
The titles and headings of the various sections in these Official Rules are included for reference purposes only and are not intended to describe, interpret, define or limit the scope or intent of the Official Rules. Any reference to names or pronouns or any variation to the Official Rules or promotional material for the Sweepstakes shall be deemed to include masculine, feminine, neutral, singular and plural forms, as required by the identity of the person or persons, whether a natural person or a corporation.

By submitting their Entry for this Sweepstakes, Entrant affirms that they have read, understand and agree to all of the terms and conditions in these Terms and Conditions of Entry. These Rules are subject to change as provided by applicable laws and regulations. If the Promoter fails to implement any of the terms and conditions set forth herein, in whole or in part, this will not constitute a waiver of said term or condition.

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