On September 20, 2017, Hurricane María hit Puerto Rico and caused massive devastation to the island.  Many were left without a home, and the entire island was left without electricity, water, and communication. The lives and daily routines of families in Puerto Rico were turned upside down. At the same time, a number of circumstances have slowed down the reconstruction process.  There are still many families in Puerto Rico who have not been able to rebuild their homes or who have been forced to move.  Others are dealing with the loss of their jobs or the closing of schools.


Given this devastating reality, children are now twice as vulnerable.  On one hand, they are undergoing the same problems as adults: destruction, and material and personal losses.  On the other hand, however, the effects of this destruction have unique consequences on children’s physical health, but even more so on their emotional health, which, if not taken care of quickly and properly, will have harmful consequences on later stages of their development.   Children may develop post-traumatic emotional disorders, anxiety, psychosomatic diseases, depression, and other emotional and psychological manifestations.

  • As such, steps need to be taken to prevent the potential negative effects of an event of this magnitude.  With this in mind, the Atención Atención Foundation, in its sense of responsibility towards childhood in Puerto Rico, created “Play Time”, because through play, children can recapture and develop their imagination, process difficult events, socialize, and build up resilience.


    Play is the best tool for impacting children and for them to deal with difficult circumstances in life. This initiative serves as a vehicle for creating a space of psycho emotional recovery in children after the hurricane and as a means of prevention because it provides them with the tools they need to become resilient.  Thanks to our alliance with community leaders or NGOs, we are now able to reach all corners of the island.


    Using a structured curriculum, where play and music are the protagonists, trained professionals play with children from a particular community for one hour during a one-month period, establishing bonds of trust, bringing back structure to their lives, and offering a space of healing.


    Since October 2017, we have played with more than 2,500 children throughout Puerto Rico and we are hoping to continue rebuilding Puerto Rico one child at a time with help from all of you.


    To date, we have taken “Play Time” to 25 municipalities: Adjuntas, Barranquitas, Canóvanas, Cataño, Comerío, Corozal, Culebra, Guayanilla, Guaynabo, Humacao, Juana Díaz, Jayuya, Juncos, Loíza, Naguabo, Ponce, Sabana Grande, Salinas, San Juan, Trujillo Alto, Utuado, Vega Alta, Vieques, Yabucoa, and Yauco.  We have worked closely with community leaders and Puerto Rico’s leading NGOs, such as Boys & Girls Club, Casa Pueblo, Crearte, C.O.P.I. (Corporación Piñones se integra), Green Culebra, Idebajo (Iniciativa de Ecodesarrollo de la Bahía de Jobos), and P.E.C.E.S. (Programa de Educación Comunal de Entrega y Servicio). We have also created alliances with Head Start, the Public Housing Administration, municipal administrations, and private companies because we all share the desire to help and to support healthy development of childhood in Puerto Rico.



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